BUFC will teach our young players how to play soccer both technically and tactically, in a safe and constructive environment while participating at the highest level of national and international youth competition. BUFC will also help to develop and prepare the kids to a successful member of their community by achieving the highest goal as an athlete in high school, college and hopefully professional.

For more info go to our website - BRAUSA

Online Registration for tryouts - CLICK HERE

Everyone must register online - there is no charge to sign up for tryouts.

Registration Fee

There is NO cost to register for tryouts.

Age Qualification

Tryout times are based on BIRTH YEAR:

Contact Information

Adauto Neto at 850-221-6067 or netoslp@gmail.com
Sergio Moura at 601-201-9057 or sergiobrausa@hotmail.com

Website - www.brausaufc.com
Facebook - Brausa United Futebol



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