Last updated 11/29/2023

2024 Indoor Schedules

2024 Game Schedules (2nd Half of Season)

U6 COED (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U8 Coed (Updated 2/25/2024)

U10 Boys (Updated 2/25/2024)

U10 Girls (Updated 2/25/2024)

U12 Boys (Updated 2/25/2024)

U12 Girls (Updated 2/25/2024)

U14 Boys (Updated 2/25/2024)

U14 Girls (Updated 2/25/2024)

HS Boys (Updated 2/25/2024)

HS Girls (Updated 2/25/2024)


2024 Game Schedules (1st Half of Season)


U8 COED (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U10 BOYS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U10 GIRLS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U12 BOYS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U12 GIRLS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U14 BOYS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

U14 GIRLS (UPDATED 12/21/23)

HS BOYS (UPDATED 12/21/23)


Practice Schedule

NOTE:  For the month of December, teams scheduled to practice at Fullerton Community Center will practice at Rosedale Center.  Rosedale Center is located at 8200 Old Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD  21237.  Practices will resume at Fullerton Community Center in January.







NERRC - Northeast Regional Rec Center - 7501 Oakleigh Rd, 21234


NERRC - Facility - Behavior Rules    

Halfway thru the season the teams will be realigned. This means the day you play your games on could change in the second half of the season. The stronger teams of one day will be moved to play the stronger teams of another day. Same for teams at the lower level of play to make the 2nd half more competitive for everyone.

Game cancellations due to weather will be made up if there is enough space available and be added on to the end of the season.

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