The ring of honor is bestowed on those who have contributed to the Overlea Recreation Youth Soccer Program at the highest levels both on and off the field.  Ring of honor members may be coaches, players, or ‘friends’ of Overlea Soccer.  Members of the Ring of Honor emulate the following traits, which when joined together form the foundation of the Ring of Honor:

  • COMPETITIVE SPIRIT:  Persistence, determination, tenacity and sportsmanship are the hallmarks of a true competitor.  Ring of Honor members consistently display their competitive spirit by always working to improve and be the best at what they do.
  • CHARACTER:  Character defines a person and is the backbone of moral and ethical strength.  Ring of Honor members are defined by their good character and display the traits of Honesty, Leadership, Trust, Courage, Patience, and Loyalty in all they do.
  • GRATTITUDE:  Ring of Honor members recognize that they have been blessed with many gifts and talents, and they possess an innate ability to enjoy their talents and use them to contribute to the success of the organization.
  • PASSION:  Passion and love for the game of soccer enable Ring of Honor members to face failure, setbacks, and diversity with a conviction that is contagious and motivates others around to join in and contribute to the mission while overcoming all obstacles. 
  • LEADERSHIP:  Leadership is a massive part of any sport, whether you are a coach, player, or volunteer.  Ring of Honor members recognize that good leadership is invaluable for success, and they have proven that they can lead others in the right direction and instill confidence in them.
  • SERVICE:  The action of service allows a person to think first about the needs of others and then consider how he or she may be of help.  Ring of Honor members recognize that there are many opportunities to be of service and their actions have a lasting positive impact on others. 

Ring of Honor Members

Class of 2022 - Deandre Fowlkes


Click the link below to access the Ring of Honor Nomination Form.

Ring of Honor Nomination Form

  In order to be considered for induction into the Ring of Honor, nominations must be received by Noon, April 30th.

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